Erin Carman

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Orionid Meteor Shower starts this week — Here’s when to watch!

If you’re watching the sky tomorrow night, October 21st, you’ll be in for a treat!  The Orionid Meteor Shower will be putting on its annual show, with meteors streaking through the sky each night of the month through November 7th, but peaking Wednesday, October 21st, around midnight. You should be able to see the meteors from whatever direction you look, but they will appear to come from the constellation of Orion in the south east.

NASA says if you want to see the show you should find an area of dark sky, away from street lights and other sources of light pollution, and lay flat on your back with your feet facing south east if you’re in the northern hemisphere, and north east if you’re in the southern hemisphere. Then just look up at the sky—it’s better to use the naked eye than a telescope or binoculars.

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