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Disney+ is reviving ’80s movie ‘Willow’ with new TV series

Disney+ is developing a show based on the 1988 movie “Willow”, which is a fantasy CLASSIC.  Warwick Davis will be back in his role as Willow.

About the project, Warwick told The Hollywood Reporter, “Many have told me [‘Willow’] influenced how they view heroism in our own world.  If Willow Ufgood can represent the heroic potential in all of us, then he is a character I am extremely honored to reprise.”

There’s no word if anyone else is returning.  It’s unlikely Val Kilmer will be back, at least in a significant role, due to his battle with throat cancer.  But, “Willow” director Ron Howard is onboard as an executive producer.

Fox Entertainment, which is owned by Disney, released a trailer for the film’s 25th anniversary release and it brought back memories!  If you haven’t seen the movie, check out the trailer and then head to Disney+ to check out the original!