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There’s actually a PUMPKIN SPICE TAX

If you enjoy “pumpkin spice” flavored foods, listen up.  An analysis by finds that the prices of pumpkin spice products are almost nine percent higher, on average, compared to other comparable items. The site compared products from Amazon Fresh, FreshDirect, Trader Joe’s, Target, Walmart, and Whole Foods.

They note the highest so-called “pumpkin spice tax” was 175.1 percent, and it was found at Whole Foods, where its 365 Everyday Value pumpkin spice cheesecake sandwich cremes cost $3.99, whereas the 365 Everyday Value chocolate sandwich cremes only cost $2.99. That means the non-seasonal chocolate sandwich cremes cost $0.15 per ounce, while the pumpkin spice cheesecake sandwich cremes cost $0.41 per ounce.

The site found no exact reason for the pumpkin spice price increases, but did note that some retailers, such as Dunkin’ and McDonald’s, charge the same or nearly the same amount for their pumpkin-themed menu items.