Sunday is the 25th anniversary of the “Seven Angels” tragedy in Fox River Grove

I lived in Cary in 1995 when the unthinkable occurred. The morning of October 25 a school bus carrying students to Cary-Grove High School didn’t fully clear the train tracks at a stop light in Fox River Grove and a Metra train hit the back of the bus, killing seven and severely injuring others on the bus including the driver. I vividly remember feeling like it was a living nightmare, time seemed to stand still as the reality of this tragedy sunk in. To this day many are haunted by the memory. It’s difficult for me to think about it without tearing up especially considering my son is now the age of those students killed.

To honor the memory of the “seven angels” the Fox River Grove Fire Protection District and Flight for Life-McHenry is hosting a blood drive today, 9am-2pm on the apparatus floor at Station 1, 411 Algonquin Road. My heart breaks for the families who lost their loved ones on October 25, 1995. Saving other lives by donating blood in their honor is a touching tribute.



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