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Chicago winter parking ban starts TODAY

It’s December 1st!  Not only does that mean the start to the FINAL month of 2020, but it also means it’s about to get harder to park in Chicago.  Don’t worry, it’s just for overnight parking… so plan to be done with whatever you’re doing by 3AM.

Effective Tuesday, December 1st (oh hey, that’s today!) through April 1st, overnight parking will be restricted anywhere you see a sign that reads, “NO PARKING 3AM – 7AM DEC 1 – APR 1…”

And, there is one more stipulation on those same signs, “OR WHEN SNOW IS OVER 2 INCHES.”  So, keep that in mind too.

Should you violate these signs, your car could be towed, you would be ticketed and have to pay fines that easily total $135 and more.  Find out info and specifics at

And, be careful where you park this winter season!