How does Santa get to all those houses SO FAST??

Santa has just one night per year to deliver gifts to millions of children across the globe, so how does he do it?

If you assume he actually needs to make deliveries to about 600 million people and then assume that each household has two-and-a-half kids, on average, then Santa only needs to visit 240 million homes. Also, there are 24 broad time zones in the world, each one hour apart, meaning Santa has a solid 31 hours to make his deliveries.

But, in order to reach all those homes he has to move 1,200-times faster than the world’s fastest fighter jet, but he is relying on reindeer- and there are not statistics available for how fast they can fly.

But even then, Santa would be pulling a very large, heavy load of gifts. All this to say there must be a lot of magic helping Santa make his Christmas deliveries, and eat the 720 million cookies he’s left.