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Airplane’s tire lands in Chicago family’s backyard

You never know what might fall from the sky!  The wheel of a small plane bound for O’Hare International Airport landed in a Chicago family’s backyard on Thursday evening, January 21st.

The wheel belonged to a single-engine aircraft operating Boutique Air flight 835, and luckily did not injure anyone in the neighborhood when it crashed down. The flight landed a short time later “without incident” at O’Hare, and all seven people aboard were uninjured according to the FAA. But the aircraft did send a “considerable amount of sparks” flying down the runway when it touched down.

Those living in the home closest to where the tire landed said they initially thought the tire was just junk someone had dumped there, and neighbors said they heard it hit the ground with a “big boom.” The FAA says it will be investigating the incident along with the National Transportation Safety Board.