Feeling work-from-home fatigue? A fake commute might actually help

The world changed drastically for many in 2020, including the shift to working-from-home for many office workers. As a result, some people have taken to doing a fake commute in the morning, whether by bike or on foot, to switch things up and keep them interesting.

According to Yahoo, wellness coach Maureen Carlomagno says, “When you don’t have a commute, your work and home life blend. You can wake up and get in front of the computer and spend that extra hour [from not commuting] working on top of the already eight-hour day.”

She notes that walking is accessible for most people, and that being able to get outside in the fresh air and sunshine is good for both mental and physical health. She adds that if it’s too cold where you live and you aren’t motivated to leave your home, try doing an indoor workout at home before starting work each day.