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Illinois’ #1 favorite sauce is ketchup

Zippia looked at the sauce or condiment each state googles more than other states.  The people behind this say “salsa” would have made the cut, but they consider it a “dip,” not a “sauce.”   “Mustard” really got snubbed in this study.  Here’s what they found…

1.  Ketchup, 24 states are obsessed.  Especially in the Midwest and Northeast.  It’s number 1 in Illinois and a few of our neighbors including Indiana, Wisconsin and Iowa.

2.  Barbecue sauce, five states:  And four of them border each other:  North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia.  The fifth state is Delaware.

3.  Tomato or spaghetti sauce, five states:  Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Hampshire, Oregon, and Washington.

4.  Four states are covering everything in gravy:  Kentucky, Missouri, Mississippi, and Oklahoma.

5.  Two states love WORCESTERSHIRE sauce:  Arkansas and Nevada.  And tartar sauce got two states:  Alaska and Montana.

6.  And eight condiments got one state each:  Cocktail sauce in Rhode Island, mayonnaise in Hawaii, vinaigrette in New Mexico, relish in Maine, Tabasco in Louisiana, Sriracha in Vermont, ranch dressing in South Dakota and fry sauce in Utah, which is half ketchup, half mayo.