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After the pandemic, should to-go alcoholic drinks stick around?

With everyone looking ahead to the end of the pandemic hopefully drawing near as Covid-19 vaccinations keep ramping up, state and local governments are revisiting things they allowed to help people and businesses during the pandemic that would normally violate regulations.

The Wall Street Journal reports one of them that many places are grappling with is whether or not to return the ban on to-go alcoholic drinks, which was lifted by many state and local governments to help bars and restaurants survive.

Previously, it had only been allowed in a small number of local places, like New Orleans and Las Vegas. The Journal said that Wisconsin, Kentucky, Ohio, Iowa and Washington, D.C., have already made allowing to-go alcoholic drinks permanent, while others are for now extending it into next year.

But, there is opposition from some, not only those who say it could encourage underage drinking and drunk driving, but from those who have a financial interest in the decision, with beer distributors, liquor and convenience stores, and grocers’ associations wanting the bans back.

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