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Study suggests re-watching old TV is good for the soul

Thanks to the pandemic, everyone has been streaming a LOT of TV.  And, the ones that get the most viewers are older shows!

“The Office” was the most-streamed show last year, despite going off the air almost 10 years ago.  Other popular old shows include “The Sopranos”, “Friends”, “New Girl”, “Seinfeld , and “Vampire Diaries”.

Hulu currently has all seasons of Seinfeld streaming…

A new BBC report suggests that people may PREFER old shows to new ones because it’s more familiar, comforting, and stress-free especially sitcoms.  A few years back, a researcher looked into the concept, and found that repeats create a sense of “social surrogacy” or kinship with the characters.  She said, quote, “There is an association between favorite narratives and feeling better, which doesn’t occur if we’re watching something new.”