What are the most ANNOYING things about TV?

We’ve all been watching so much television lately that we’re getting annoyed by certain things that TV shows do! Somebody even made a list of annoying things about TV that includes… people walking away from food and drinks without touching them, nobody going to the bathroom, and too many shows ending in cliffhangers.

1.  Mix-and-Match Accents:  You kind of have to be in-the-know on this one, because it can be as subtle as someone having a Southern accent that doesn’t match their particular state.  But if you DO know the difference, it’s maddening.

2.  Bad Subtitles:  Captions often give you the GIST of what’s being said, instead of the exact dialog.  And live subtitles always LAG.

3.  Abandoned Food and Drinks:  How often do people sit down for a meal or a drink, have a quick conversation, then get up and leave without touching anything?  If that doesn’t at least make you twitch, are you even human?

4.  Shows Taking Too Long to Hit Their Stride:  This isn’t necessarily someone’s fault, but it sucks having to slog through a couple seasons of a show everyone tells you is great, just to get to the part where it GETS great.

5.  Nobody Goes to the Bathroom“24” was particularly notorious for this, since the timeline was so condensed.

6.  Cliffhangers:  Why do shows feel like they constantly have to leave you hanging?  If you like a show, you’re gonna come back to see what happens in the next episode, even if someone’s life ISN’T hanging in the balance.

7.  Vague Episode Descriptions:  They can make it hard to pick out specific episodes to watch.  Sometimes you have to go to Google or another online source to figure out what episode you’re looking for.

8.  Pre-Caps:  When you sit down to watch a show, why do the first several minutes have to be a montage of scenes you’re about to watch?  It’s not like they have to hook you… you’re already watching!!!

The Guardian