Songs of Summer Weekend


947 WLS features the Songs of Summer this weekend to go along with whatever you’re doing: biking to the beach, grilling in the back, buying a soft-serve cone, exploring on a hike, hanging in the hammock, eating watermelon, doing a cannonball, taking out the Harley, eating corn on the cob, roasting marshmallows, mixing up sangria, tossing a frisbee, starring at the stars.

947 WLS keeps it cool with the best for the Boys of Summer and the California Girls. Make sure you don’t Blister in the Sun as you feel the Good Vibrations on a Saturday In The Park. After all, Some Like It Hot, just like the Summer Of ’69, or the not so Cruel Summer when we wore our Sunglasses At Night and hit the Holiday Road. This weekend, starting at 3 on Friday, We Got the Beat. PS: Wear sunscreen!