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Hidden Valley Is Selling Treat-Sized Ranch Packets for Halloween

Hidden Valley Ranch is selling treat-sized packets of RANCH DRESSING to give out to trick-or-treaters this year.

Each packet has a half-ounce of ranch.  That’s half of what they consider a normal “serving size.”  (So, just enough to dip a few bite-sized Kit Kats in.)

They’re selling them in bags of 30 on  Each bag costs $20, plus $7 shipping.  So almost a dollar per packet.

Even at that price, they’ll probably sell out.  So get your orders in now . . . or you could be the COOL house on the block and hand out full bottles of the stuff.

They’re also selling an official Hidden Valley Ranch costume, so adults can dress up as a bottle of ranch dressing for $40.  They don’t have kid sizes.

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