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‘Diff’rent Strokes’ & ‘Facts Of Life’ ‘Live In Front Of A Studio Audience’ coming to ABC next month

If you enjoyed the Live episode performances of The Jeffersons & All In The Family, I got good news for you… They’re doing it again!!

…This time with sitcom classics, Diff’rent Strokes and its spinoff The Facts of Life.

Jamie Foxx briefly broke character in the All in the Family/Jeffersons Live special, reminding the audience… it’s a LIVE show.

Big stars will take on the iconic roles of Diff’rent Strokes and The Facts of Life… So far,  John LithgowKevin Hart, Damon Wayans and Ann Dowd have been cast to play Mr. Drummond, Arnold,  Willis, and Mrs. Garrett respectively.

…Yes, that means we will be hearing Kevin Hart say, “Whatcha talking’ ’bout, Willis?!” I can’t wait!

The 90-minute special is set to broadcast Tuesday, December 7th at 7PM on ABC 7 in Chicago. It’s weird to say but, set your DVR’s for Diff’rent Strokes and The Facts of Life!

Source: Deadline