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Chicago Alderman trying to raise minimum speed threshold for traffic cam tickets up from only 6 MPH over

A speed-camera warning sign along Division Street in Pawtucket. East Providence, too, is deploying traffic cameras to enforce red-light compliance at intersections and speed limits in school zones. 01 EP cameras © Kris Craig/The Providence Journal / USA TODAY NETWORK

Those pesky speed cameras issued $11 million in fines in the first two months that the minimum speed for ticketing was dropped to 6 MPH over the limit. And Chicago Aldermen aren’t loving the new source of revenue…

The Chicago Tribune reports that 9th Ward Ald. Anthony Beale‘s proposal to raise the city’s minimum speed for speed cam traps back to 10 mph is moving forward after a 16-15 vote in its favor.

Beale argued that the lowered speed threshold targets Chicago’s poorest citizens. It definitely annoys speeders!