Heineken Made Beer-Filled Sneakers for International Beer Day

For International Beer Day today, Heineken created a line of limited-edition sneakers filled with ACTUAL beer. They’re called “Heinekicks.”

They only made 32 pairs, so they’re more of a promotional thing, not something an average person can buy. The first pair are going on display in Singapore. It’s not clear what their plans are for the others.

They injected the sole of each sneaker with Heineken Silver, a lower-alcohol version that they started selling in Europe this year.

The shoes themselves are red-green-and-white like a Heineken bottle . . . and fairly ugly.  You can actually see the beer sloshing around in the sole though.  And they come with a bottle opener that slots into the tongue.

The beer in the sole is supposed to create a, quote, “smooth” sensation when you walk in them, which is probably just marketing nonsense. 

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