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Deal to keep Lollapalooza in Chicago includes allowing more fans to attend and keeping other music fests out of Grant Park

Mayor Lori Lightfoot proudly took the stage at Lollapalooza 2022 to announce (what we already knew) that Lollapalooza would stay in Chicago. The mayor had negotiated with festival organizer C3 to keep the iconic music fest in Grant Park for another 10 years.

But, what did it take to keep Lolla in Grant? Lolla will be allowed to let 60,000 more people attend. The 4-day music fest had its capacity raised from 100,000 per day to 115,000.

C3 also gets exclusive rights for music fests in Grant Park. According to the Chicago Tribune, “In no case shall CPD, without the written consent of C3, permit a music festival in Grant Park to allow more than 20,000 daily attendees or to run more than two days.” This does not apply to city-sponsored events like the Taste of Chicago.