A Bunch of Port-a-Potties Fell Off a Truck in Wisconsin

A flatbed truck was driving down the interstate near Milwaukee Tuesday morning when seven Port-A-Potties slid off the back and into traffic.  

Within minutes, most of the port-a-potties got hit by cars.  And a traffic camera got it all on video.

Each one had wheels on the bottom.  So instead of tipping over, they rolled around on the road and were even harder to avoid.

Luckily, they were all EMPTY when it happened, or it would have been a whole lot grosser to clean up.

No one was hurt, but four cars were damaged, and at least one might be totaled.

The police audio is pretty funny because they talk about “porta johns” on the road.  One cop told dispatch he was responding to the, quote, “CRAPPY situation” on the interstate.  

PROVINCETOWN — 08/11/22 — A truckload of portable toilets from Frazier Disposal Company heads to the Provincetown Marina. The town of Provincetown has declared a sewer emergency for properties on the vacuum sewer system. This includes properties on Commercial Street from Snow Street to Point Street. It also includes properties on the sewer system on Bradford Street between Conwell Street and Prince Street. Restaurants and food service businesses in this service area were closed. Port-o-potties were brought in to provide some restroom relief. Provincetown Sewer © Merrily Cassidy/Cape Cod Times / USA TODAY NETWORK

Source: WISN