Cara Carriveau


Top Gun: Maverick and Stranger Things & Wednesday Top Favorite 2022 Movies and TV List

OnePoll surveyed 2,000 people about the movies and TV shows they enjoyed most last year. 

Here are the results…

Top 10 Movies:

1.  “Top Gun: Maverick”: 19%

2.  “Jurassic World: Dominion”: 17%

3.  “Enola Holmes 2”: 15%

4.  TIE: “Sonic the Hedgehog 2” and “The Batman”: 14%

6.  TIE: “Thor: Love and Thunder” and “Death on the Nile”: 13%

8.  TIE: “The Whale”“Amsterdam”, and “Bodies Bodies Bodies”: 11%

Top 10 Scripted TV Shows:

1.  TIE:  “Wednesday”“Stranger Things” Season 4, and “Ozark” Season 4  (Netflix): 8%

4.  “Yellowjackets” (Showtime): 7%

5.  TIE: “The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power” (Amazon), “Grey’s Anatomy” Season 19 (ABC), “Inventing Anna” (Netflix), “The Crown” Season 5 (Netflix), and “Yellowstone” Season 5 (Paramount):  6%

10.  “House of the Dragon” (HBO): 5%

You can see more categories of movie survey results here.  And more TV results here.