Cara Carriveau


A Cook County School Cafeteria Worker Stole $1.5 Million Worth of Chicken Wings

66-year-old Vera Liddell was the “food service director” at the Harvey School District 152 in Cook County.  But she was arrested, for stealing $1.5 MILLION worth of chicken wings.

She’d been working there for at least a decade but during the pandemic, she started over-ordering chicken and picking it up herself in a district cargo van.  And the extra chicken was never brought back to the school.

Over the past couple of years, she stole a LOT of chicken, and she ended up being caught because she overlooked one thing:  She was ordering massive amounts of chicken wings but the school never served wings to the students “because they contain bones.”

It’s unclear what Vera was actually doing with all those chicken wings.  She’s currently being held on a $150,000 bond. 

Source: WGN-TV