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Fisher-Price’s Seinfeld Little People Collector’s Set includes nods to specific Jokes and Episodes

Seinfeld collectors… here’s another one for you.

Last year, LEGO released a set based on the Seinfeld TV Series. You could build Jerry’s apartment, and it came with figures of the main cast.

They didn’t stop there… Fisher-Price jumped on the Seinfeld toy bandwagon and released a Little People Collector’s set, complete with Jerry, George, Elaine, and Kramer figures. The figures and box include subtle nods to the TV series episodes and gags: including an eclair from the garbage in George’s hand, Jerry’s puffy shirt, and a large Urban Sombrero.

I’m just speculating: the chicken leg in Kramer’s hand either came out of Jerry’s refrigerator or from the Kenny Rogers Roasters restaurant across the street.

Source: Variety