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Chance the Snapper Captured

Infamous alligator dubbed Chance the Snapper by Twitter has been caught early this morning. The alligator had been discovered living in Humboldt Lagoon on July 9, as it disrupted a Sweet 16 photo shoot. Thousands across the state watched as “Alligator Bob”, a volunteer with the Chicago Herpetological Society, tried his hand at catching the creature. As Chance continuously evaded Bob’s bait and traps, thousands of Chicagoans flocked to the lagoon for a chance to see Chance. Suspected as being someone’s illegal pet and then dumped into the lagoon, Chance the Snapper was described as being “scared out of its wits” by Alligator Bob.

After failing to capture him, Alligator Bob gave up. An expert from Florida named Frank Robb was brought in to seize the animal. This morning, Robb did just that and captured the 4 to 5 foot creature. Chance is expected to live the rest of its days at a zoo.