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Galaxy’s Edge opens at Disneyland

Today Disneyland opens its newest park, Galaxy’s Edge. The much anticipated Star Wars themed land officially opened at 6 AM to people who had special reservations. At 8 AM, the park was opened to the general public. Although Galaxy’s Edge does not have all their attractions open, this isn’t stopping fans from flooding the gates.  You can ride the Millennium Falcon, have a drink at Oga’s Cantina, build your own lightsaber, and much much more. So far, visitors are LOVING it.

If you’re thinking about going to Disneyland but you’re NOT going to go to Galaxy’s Edge, don’t even bother. It’s packed everywhere!

Disneyworld will be opening their Galaxy’s Edge in late August, and it will probably be just as busy.

May the force be with everyone waiting in extremely long lines.




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