Want a celebrity to give you a shout-out on Facebook? This Chicago startup can make it happen!

Look at that face! Lance Bass telling you happy birthday on Insta would totally make you the coolest girl or guy in the office!

Cameo – a new Chicago startup – books personalized video shout-outs from celebs.

Actors, musicians, reality stars, athletes, YouTube stars, drag queens, musicians…whatever you’re into, they’re into.

You want Disney Channel star Bella Thorne to wish your daughter a happy birthday? Done! You want Terrell Owens to say “hey” to your favorite football fan? You have terrible taste (I’m a Cowboys fan…’nuf said) but done!

Think of all the fun you can have sending random people videos of Lindsay Lohan’s mom or John from CHIPs.

And did I mention…it’s a CHICAGO company!

Check it out…