Eagles’ Joe Walsh gets honest about Rock Hall of Fame

Wondering who picks the nominees for The Rock Hall of Fame?  Joe Walsh had some words about that.  The Eagles‘ guitarist told TMZ, “The corporate sponsors get to pick [the nominees], and then the people get to vote. There’s a lot of people, I don’t know why they’re in there and there’s a lot of people, I don’t know why they’re not.”

Joe Walsh told Fox News that he thinks the fans should get to choose: “It may be an honor, but it’s only an honor if it’s fan-driven… So until they change the rules or make it more fan-based, it’s not going to make or break anything we do… Too many great bands have not been put in or it took 10,12 nominations just to be accepted.”

Some have already shown their displeasure with this year’s nominee list including Cleveland.com who stated in a headline, “Todd Rundgren and Stevie Nicks: The only no-brainers on the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Class of 2019 ballot.”   Judge for yourself: see the full list of 2019 nominees here.

Fox News