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Total lunar eclipse and supermoon on sunday night

Skywatchers will be treated to a celestial show on Sunday night (January 19th), when there will be a total lunar eclipse and a supermoon at the same time. The total lunar eclipse, which will be the only one this year or next, will begin at 10:34 ET, and totality, which is when the Earth’s shadow completely covers the moon, will begin at 11:41 ET and last for 62 minutes.

The moon will look red during totality, which is why it’s sometimes called a blood moon. And it will be a supermoon, when the moon looks slightly bigger and brighter than usual, because it will be a bit closer to Earth. As long as the weather cooperates where you live, the entire eclipse will be visible across the U.S. It will also be visible in the rest of North America and in South America, as well as in Greenland, Iceland, Ireland, Great Britain, Norway, Sweden, Portugal and the French and Spanish coasts.