Somebody put Nicolas Cage’s face on David Schwimmer’s body and he looks more like Ross Geller than Ross does!

I love people who have too much time on their hands.

Someone on Reddit named spaghetticondom911 discovered that if you put Nicolas Cage’s head on the body of David Schwimmer as Ross Geller on Friends it looks EXACTLY like him.

And I mean EXACTLY. Disturbingly so.

Apparently it’s a thing…putting Nic Cage’s head on different bodies and you can see it on a YouTube channel called Deep Fake.

But seeing this particular Friends switch is life altering. What can I say. I am a simple person with simple needs.

This blessed/cursed image was uploaded to Reddit by user spaghetticondom911 (thank you for your service, spaghetticondom!!!) but it’s actually a screenshot from a ~deep fake~ YouTube video created by a user named derpfakes.

Ross from Friends with Nicolas Cages face on him just makes him look more like Ross from r/pics