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Hooters giving free wings to customers willing to shred photos of their exes

Going through a break up is rough, and if deleting all of your ex’s photos off of your Instagram account wasn’t enough, you can get rewarded for shredding a photo of your ex at Hooters. The restaurant chain has announced its annual “Shred Your Ex” promotion is back. On Thursday (February 14th), at participating locations, customers can destroy a photo of their ex and earn 10 free boneless wings as long as they also purchase any 10 wings.

You don’t actually have to print out a photo of your ex either, you can head to and upload photos of your former flames to be virtually shredded, burned, buried, or pelted with darts in exchange for a coupon. Hooters say more than 40,000 people took part in last year’s “Shred Your Ex” promotion, and hopes to break that record this year.