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What country has the most drinkers?

A new international survey out yesterday (May 16th) found that British people get drunk more often than people in any other country, with Americans coming in a close second. Addiction psychiatrist Adam Winstock, who founded the Global Drug Survey, said British people are drinking too much, too often and see getting drunk as the point of a night out instead of drinking enhancing it.

In the Survey, people in Britain said they got drunk 51 times in the past year, followed by Americans, who got drunk 50 times, Canadians, who got drunk 48 times, and Australians, who said it was 47 times. The average answer from people in some 30 countries surveyed was 33 times a year. People in English-speaking countries got drunk most often, while those in South American countries get drunk the fewest times. In Chile, for instance, people reported getting drunk just 16 times a year, and in Colombia is was 22 times.