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East half of the Humboldt Park is closed to catch ‘Chance The Snapper’

That elusive alligator is still on the loose!  Now, Mayor Lori Lightfoot has ordered patches and roads in the east side of Humboldt Park to be closed as the search continues.  “Alligator Bob” and the Chicago Herpetological Society’s traps have not worked and they believe that is because of interference from curious pedestrians.  So for safety’s sake and to help catch Change the Snapper, pedestrian paths including North Luis Munoz Marin Drive east of North Humboldt Drive are closed until the city can catch that gator!  In the mean time, it’s not safe to go into the water, so keep yourself, your kids and your pets away from the Humboldt Park Lagoon!

The Humboldt Park Alligator Song

Dave and Kim listened to our hilarious Humbodlt Park Alligator song parody. If you haven't heard it yet, check it out!

Posted by 94.7 WLS-FM on Monday, July 15, 2019