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The Beatles’ ‘White Album’ goes 24-times platinum

The Beatles‘ 1968 self-titled double album, better known as the “White Album,” has now been certified 24-times Platinum, earning the spot as the fourth top-certified album of all time by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). The “White Album” sits directly behind the Eagles‘ 1976 Hotel California, which has sold 26 million copies; Michael Jackson‘s 1982 masterpiece Thriller comes in at Number Two with 33 million units sold; and the Eagles sit at the top spot with a whopping 38 million copies sold for their 1976 compilation, Eagles/Their Greatest Hits 1971-1976.

According to the press release announcing the new “White Album” certification, “The Beatles already hold top honors as the highest certified band in Gold and Platinum Award history, with 178 million certifications across a wide range of titles. Other albums that have surpassed Diamond certification (of 10 million units sold) include The Beatles 1967/1970 at 17-times Platinum, The Beatles 1962/1966 at 15-times Platinum, Abbey Road at 12-times Platinum, The Beatles 1 at 11-times Platinum, and Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band at 11-times Platinum.