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7 albums worth big money today

You may want to go and dig out your old albums to see if you have any hidden treasures!  Finance 101 released a list, “40 of the most valuable vinyl records you may have in your collection,” that include some very notable works from Classic Hits Artists.  Should you feel like selling these albums, you could collect a pretty penny for them.

David Bowie‘s The Prettiest Star and Diamond Dogs both sold in auction for around $2,000 and $3,500 respectively.  Their iconic album covers are worth having up on your wall!  U2‘s Pride (In the name of love) has seen release of and over again.  But, if you’re an owner of the original 12-inch single, you may be able to scoop up $9,000 for it!

Don’t confuse the terrible movie, Xanadu, for the promotional disc that featured the song of the same name by Olivia Newton-John and Electric Light Orchestra.  While the movie won’t get you much, the rare record (which is believed to only have somewhere between 20 and 30 copies in existence) can nab you $9,100!

Hopefully you never opened your copy of The Black Album by Prince.  An original, unopened American vinyl pressing of the album sold last year for a whopping $42,300!

Of course The Beatles have made many gems in their own right!  But, if you’re wondering which one’s will sell big at auction, check out your copy of the album that just celebrated an anniversary.  A rare version of Abbey Road with a yellow and black Parlophone Records label can nab you $4,000.  But for REAL big money, you need to check out your copy of The Beatles, The Beatles (aka “The White Album”).  A version with the serial number, “A0000001,” sold at auction for $790,000!  In all fairness, this was the very first copy printed and it had been owned by Ringo Starr.  Still, if your serial number is low, you can make a lot of money off your rare collectible.  For example, one printing of The White Album with the serial number A0000023 sold for $13,750 in 2012.

Happy hunting and good luck!!

Finance 101