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Costco is selling cheese for $900

Would you pay $900 for cheese? Costco is actually selling a whopping 72 pound wheel of parmigiano reggiano cheese for $900. According to the store’s online listing, the Kirkland brand product is “aged 24 months” and “imported from Italy.” Although you can actually buy the cheese for $899.99, it works out to 78 cents per ounce or $12.50 per pound.

One customer gushed about the cheese on the store’s review page, “I this as a surprise for my son’s wedding reception (he is a fiend for the stuff). With the help of YouTube instructions and the proper tools and his good buddy, he and his brother cracked open the Parm in front of family and friends, to great applause and cheers. was fun to watch and actually quite beautiful! The cheese is magnificent; fragrant and delicious.” Another reviewer wrote, “Got this as a gift, what the heck am I supposed to do with all this cheese!?”

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