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PLAYTIME EDVENTURES Turns Bed Sheets Into Games For Children Stuck In Bed!

Have you ever known a kid who (sadly) is stuck in the hospital for days… weeks…or MONTHS at a time? I know first hand how sad the situation can be. My nephew Johnny (who is doing very well currently!) spent lots of time in the hospital after his kidney transplant. I just stumbled across these bed sheets turned board games and I LOVE them! Heck, they might even be fun for kids just to have at home! The sheets have over sized board games, shapes for kids to name, checkers, tic-tac-toe, and all types of other fun ways for kids to spend time while stuck in bed! I also think it’s fun that all game pieces can be made out of paper or you can play with coins!

It looks like if you purchase a bed set from PLAYTIME EDVENTURES they donate a set! So if you know of a kid who might be stuck in bed and likes PLAYTIME – These are a pretty awesome gift idea! – Producer Dan