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The top five Thanksgiving foods we secretly HATE

A new study asked 2,000 people to name the foods they secretly hate, but still eat because of tradition or just to be polite.  68% said there’s at least one classic Thanksgiving food they secretly dislike but eat anyway and the most popular answer was: canned cranberry sauce.

Some people hate the taste, and some find the can shape revolting!  Almost 30% said they secretly dislike it, but still eat it if it’s served.  I love it and I always thought the can shape was pretty cool… but to each their own!

Here are the top five answers . . .

1.  Canned cranberry sauce – 29% hate it but eat it anyway

2.  Green bean casserole – 24%

3.  Sweet potatoes or sweet potato casserole – 22%

4.  Pumpkin pie – 21%

5.  Turkey – 19%

The survey also found 23% of us have no interest in leftovers…  This DEFINITELY represents the minority!