Brian Peck


Stamps are about to Go Up in Price by 2 cents

Back in April, the post office said the price of “Forever” stamps would move from 58 cents to 60 cents.  It goes into effect on Sunday, so today and tomorrow are your last chance to stock up.

An extra two cents is around 3.5% more.  They made sure to point out that’s lower than inflation’s been.

It’s the second time in under a year they’ve upped the price though.  They were 55 cents until last August, so that’s a 9% bump in the past year.  And in 2018, they only cost 50 cents.  So they’re up 20% since then.

Stamps for postcards are also going up on Sunday, from 40 cents to 44 cents.  And it’ll cost $1.40 for international letters, up from $1.30. 

Sources: The Hill / USPS