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You can get paid $1,000 to watch 24 Hallmark Christmas Movies in 12 Days

Here’s an exciting opportunity for fans of the Hallmark Channel:  You can get paid $1,000 to watch 24 Hallmark Christmas movies in 12 days!  Easy, right? is accepting applications for the gig.  The requirements are simple:  You have to be 18, a U.S. resident, and LOVE Christmas.  You also have to be willing to talk about your experience on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.  You can watch the movies from the comfort of your own home, but you have to complete the 24 movies in 12 days by Christmas.

If you’re chosen, they’ll even send you a “binge-watching package” that includes:  A streaming service subscription, a packet of hot cocoa, a box of Christmas cookies, a string of fairy lights, a mini Christmas tree, and “more Hallmark swag than you could ever need.”

The application deadline is Friday, December 6th.  They’re only picking one winner, so good luck!