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Will we have snow on Thanksgiving?

Just because you’re not dreaming of a white Thanksgiving doesn’t mean you can’t get one. Weather forecasters say the areas with the highest chance of getting at least an inch of snow on Turkey Day will be in Alaska, and close to the Canadian border. says it’s nearly certain Anchorage, Alaska will see a dusting, and that northern Michigan, Maine, Vermont, and Minnesota all have an above-average chance of snow. Montana, Wyoming and parts of Colorado all have about the same chance of snow on Thanksgiving, and the same can be said for North Dakota, Wisconsin, and New Hampshire.

Forecasters also say there’s a five percent chance of snow in parts of Oregon, northern California, Nevaca, Arizona, New Mexico, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio. They also predict that across the Great Lakes and Midwest there will be wet snow followed by cold weather the weekend after Thanksgiving. The Farmer’s Almanac predicts there will be a storm along the Atlantic coast on Thanksgiving, bringing heavy wind and rain.

Daily Mail