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There’s an EXTRA workday in 2020 because it’s a Leap Year… So, should you get a bonus?

We’ve got 29 days this month because it’s a Leap Year and the 29th is a Saturday.  BUT, if you’re on salary, you’ll still work an extra day for FREE this year.  Here’s why: Even though the 29th is on a weekend, it throws off the whole calendar and the additional day still results in one extra workday in 2020!

In non-Leap Years, six out of seven days of the week happen 52 times, and one happens 53 times.  Like last year, there were 53 Tuesdays.  In a Leap Year though, TWO days occur 53 times.  And, both of them happen to be workdays this time around.  We’ll have 53 Wednesdays and 53 Thursdays.

If you’re hourly, it doesn’t make a difference, but salaried workers are effectively working one extra day UNPAID.  So, should they be compensated with some kind of bonus?

A new survey asked 10,000 people, and most of them said YES, they should: 59% of us think people on salary should be paid for the additional day of work and 22% said they shouldn’t, and 19% weren’t sure.

…Or here’s an alternative: What about getting one extra vacation day?

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