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UPDATE: Chicago just canceled both major St. Patrick’s Day Parades

Sad news for those who were planning on catching a parade or two this weekend.  Chicago’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade which is the one that was set to march on Columbus Drive on Saturday has been canceled.  The parade committee updated their website, with no details about any rescheduling, only, “Please check our website for future updates.”  This cancelation also includes the dyeing of the Chicago River.

Meanwhile, The South Side Irish Parade has officially been postponed, also without a definite rescheduling date.  The cancelations are obviously a response to COVID-19, which is affecting everything now from festivities to band meet and greets to food samples to live studio audiences to forcing people to work from home!

I guess thanks to COVID-19, it won’t be a very Happy St. Patrick’s Day after all, but safety does come first!  Wash your hands, don’t touch your face and do what you can to not get cabin fever…