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The Top Hobbies and Skills we’re working on during the Lockdown

A new survey found 60% of us are working on new skills and hobbies while we’re stuck at home.  So, what are you learning now?

Here are the top ten ways we’re trying to improve ourselves while on lockdown…

1.  Learning to cook or bake.  Maybe because you almost HAVE to right now.

2.  Working out at home every day.

3.  Learning a new language.

4.  Starting a diet.

5.  Learning yoga.

6.  Learning to grow vegetables.

7.  Learning to garden in general.

8.  Researching your family tree.

9.  Mastering an instrument.

10.  Taking college courses online.

A few more that made the top 25 include learning how to draw, learning to video chat, learning to cut your own hair, getting really good at puzzles, learning to code and writing a novel.