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Memorial Day Weekend: Longhorn Steakhouse offering barbecue tips, grilling ‘hotline’

Just because you have to social distance doesn’t mean you can’t fire up your grill at home this weekend. LongHorn Steakhouse has launched a social media “hotline” for grilling advice from certified, “Grill Masters,” for Memorial Day weekend. To get grilling advice you simply have to tag your queries with #LHGRILLUS on Twitter and Instagram, or post the question straight to LongHorn’s Facebook page.

Me: When is your last patient?Julie: 4pmMe: Awesome! I will cook bacon wrapped pork roast on the grill. Julie:…

Posted by Brian Peck on Tuesday, July 31, 2018


In addition, LongHorn’s executive chef, Michael Senich, has created “A Rookie’s Guide to Grilling” list, in which he gives tips, such as recommending you use a “generous amount of seasoning” on your meat, and starting with a clean grill.