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Cubs President intending on reopening rooftop seating to fans in time for 2020 season

It looks like the Chicago Cubs‘ President, Crane Kenney, believes there will be rooftop seating in time for the first Cubs game of 2020. In and interview with 670: The Score, when asked about the possibility of fans sitting in those rooftop bleachers, Kenney said he believes it’ll happen: “I’ve been optimistic on this one for a while.”

Recently, it’s been clarified that Wrigley Field will be allowed by Illinois to reopen at 20% capacity for fans.  For Wrigley to open back up, Mayor Laurie Lightfoot has to get on board with all the plans too.  As of now, she’s not yet ready to open back up to spectators.  Health response to the new phase 4 we just entered will have a lot to do in the further decisions of live spectators at Chicago Sports games.

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