Brian Peck


‘Taste Of Chicago To Go’ will offer home experiences, food trucks and restaurant deals starting tomorrow

If you love Chicago food and love to make it yourself, then ‘Taste Of Chicago To Go’  is the event for you.  The major Chicago event will not be taking place in at Grant Park this year.  So, the city figured out other ways to celebrate Chicago cuisine.

Starting tomorrow through Sunday, the city of Chicago will be streaming live cooking demonstrations from Chicago chefs.  Take notes so you can make your favorites from home in the future!

And for those without culinary talent, you can still get a TASTE of Chicago.  Food Trucks representing the event will be out and about throughout the rest of the week, serving up tasty delicacies while encouraging social distancing.  Restaurants will also be offering the food items that they would have been selling at The Taste.

You can find out when and where everything is taking place Wednesday through Sunday this week on The City of Chicago’s website,