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Happy National Junk Food Day – Company finds Illinois’ favorite junk food is SKINNY POP

The website analyzed Google searches from all 50 states to find each state’s favorite snack.  Candy bars topped the list in 10 states, 8 states love cookies, various potato chips took first in seven states, but here in Illinois, our favorite junk food snack is… SKINNY POP!  Skinny Pop is a low-calorie bag of popcorn that comes in 3 flavors: original, aged white cheddar and real butter.

So while we’re chowing down on a pretty healthy snack, what are our neighbor states eating?  Indiana and Iowa’s favorite junk food snack is Pringles, Wisconsin LOVES Twix, Missouri is munching on Grandma’s Cookies and Kentucky can’t get enough Fritos!

Meanwhile, one of the least interesting snack choices come from Wyoming and North Dakota, who are both obsessed with sunflower seeds.  Then there’s granola bars, that are #1 in Alaska.

Click here to check out the full map for every state’s favorite junk food snacks…  I think Minnesota’s choice is my favorite junk food snack!