Brian Peck


Vanilla Ice will be played by Dave Franco in upcoming music biopic “To the Extreme”

UNITED STATES – CIRCA 1991: Photo of Vanilla Ice (Photo by Jim Steinfeldt/Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images)

There’s a movie about Vanilla Ice in the pipeline called “To the Extreme.”  The mostly comedic actor, Dave Franco is playing Ice, a.k.a. Robert Van Winkle.  AND the two of them are actually working on it together.

Dave said to Insider, quote, “Rob is such a sweet and intelligent guy and he’s been super helpful in the process of getting all the details correct and making us privy to information the public doesn’t know.

“Just talking to him I can’t help but think about the rabbit holes I’m going to go down to get ready for the role.”

Dave is approaching it like how his older brother James Franco handled, “The Disaster Artist“: the movie about “The Room director Tommy Wiseau.  That film ALSO starred Dave Franco.