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The best old-school summer activities include bonfires, camping, swimming, and sleepovers

Summers were the BEST for many reasons!  From camping to bonfires, we’ll always remember those activities we loved doing in the great outdoors.  A recent survey sought to find out which of those activities we remember most fondly and… here they are!

1.  Spending so much time with friends.  44% said it was one of the best parts of summer when they were young.

2.  Bonfires, 31%.

3.  Camping in the woods, 30%.

4.  Swimming pools, 30%.

5.  Family vacations, 27%.

6.  Family reunions, 27%.

7.  Sleepovers, 27%.

8.  Swimming in lakes, rivers, or the ocean, 25%.

9.  Playing outside all day, 25%.

10.  Camping in the backyard, 23%.

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