Brian Peck


AMC announces new reopening plan for next week

AMC is pushing HARD to get people back into movie theater seats.  The theater chain giant announced to their awards members and the public that they plan to reopen over 100 theaters next Thursday, August 20th.  The email I received from AMC details a plan to have at least 2/3rds of it’s theaters open by September 3rd.  They also emphasize that they are “implementing rigorous cleaning and safety protocols.”  These include: social distancing, mandatory mask-wearing, and available hand sanitizer.

AMC also took to social media to declare that big new movie titles are coming and their dates are locked in…

For AMC Theater Movie Stubs A-List rewards members, members have been able to hold onto their accounts without paying the monthly $20+ fee.  They will continue to be allowed to do so until they are ready to reactivate their account.  This lasts until December 1st, when all Stubs A-List accounts will be automatically reactivated and members will be billed once again.

So, will you be going out to see a movie anytime soon?  AMC sure hopes so!