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Happy Birthday, Steve Martin!! – Here’s 5 Steve Martin movies you can celebrate with

Comedian, actor and musician, Steve Martin celebrates his birthday today I we can’t think of any better way to celebrate than with a Steve Martin Movie marathon!  But, there’s so many great choices, it could be hard to pick…

So, here’s my recommendations:

Father of The Bride (1991) – This comedy of what a father goes through in planning the most important day of his daughter’s life is relatable, charming and hilarious.  Steve Martin stars as the titular father of the bride with Diane Keaton, Kimberly Williams and Martin Short.  You can watch it now on YouTube.

The Jerk (1979) – What a strange and hilarious comedy The Jerk is.  Steve Martin is, well, THE JERK: a down-and-out man with a bizarre story to tell about his rise and fall.  This movie is incredibly quotable and had me in tears from laughter the first time I saw it.  “He hates cans!!”..

Planes, Trains and Automobiles (1987) – Steve Martin is back as the straight man to John Candy‘s buffoonery.  The two go on an unprecedented, cross-country adventure as Martin’s character tries to return home in time for Thanksgiving.

 ¡Three Amigos! (1986) – Another film we say Steve Martin teamed up with Martin Short in, this movie give you THREE legendary comedians, the third being Chevy Chase.  In this movie, three actors known for their heroic roles as the Three Amigos are asked by a Mexican village to save them from the tyranny of El Guapo…  Unbeknownst to the actors, this request isn’t just an acting gig, it’s REAL!!

Bowfinger (1999) – Steve Martin teams up with Eddie Murphy and… Eddie Murphy(?) in this movie about a deceptive and desperate movie producer (Martin) who fails to cast a big star for a role in a movie (Murphy), so he turns to a look-a-like (also Murphy) with little acting experience while also secretly filming around that first actor (Murphy again).